Artist: Old 97's
Song: "Question"

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“Good Morning Beautiful” Niall whispered softly, kissing me on the forehead, staring at me with his big blue eyes “You know what today is right?” His smile was so illuminating “today’s the day I marry the most beautiful woman in the world” a smile started to grow on my face as I slid under the covers to hide it, his two hands grabbed my waist and pulled my closer “Don’t hide, I love your smile” “ Stop it” I pleaded, running my fingers through his hair, “I love you babe” he said kissing my nose “I love you too” I whispered back “Forever and always?” He said nervously “Forever and always babe”

 *6 months Later*

 “I cant believe im going to be a father” he said, jumping up and down excitedly  grabbing my waist and spinning me around “This is incredible” he smiled kissing me passionately “ I’ve gotta tell the boys!” all I could do was laugh as he rushed to grab his phone “ Liam!” He said walking into the distance of the other room. I couldn’t believe it, we’d finally created a baby, even after the doctors said it was impossible for us. Tears of joy ran down my face “The lads will be here soon to celebrate” he said, quickly noticing the tears “Babe, is everything ok?” his hand clasped in mine “Yeah everything fine. I’m just so happy” letting Niall wipe the tears from my eyes. A car pulled up in the drive way, with familiar voices. “Hey baby daddy. Are you gonna open the door or what?” it was louis, we both just started laughing “Ill get it” I insisted “No, We’ll get it” Niall said rubbing my tummy and leading me to the door. “Congrats you two” The boys looked so happy “We brought cake” Harry said with a smile “You know me too well” Niall laughed.

“Babe” I yelled from kitchen “Were out of milk, would you mind running out and getting some?” “not at all be back in a bit” I blew a kiss as he headed for the door and grabbed his keys “do you want us to come along?” the boys asked “no that’s alright ill be quick I promise. Love you babe and baby” I giggled “Love you” I said smiling watching him walk out the door. “OH Niall!” I went to catch him, but he’d already left and was on his way. My phone began to ring it was Niall I picked it up “I was just thinking of you, you must be psychic” I teased “I’m just calling to tell you how much I love you and that I picked up your favourite ice cream” a smile filled my face as I began to blush “I love..”

there was a loud honk, Niall gasped “forever and always” he muttered followed by the sound of crashing metal,swirving then silence.“niall..” There was no sound, everything felt as if it was moving in slow motion  “NIALL??” I screamed, as tears flowed out of my eyes and I came crashing to the ground and the boys ran over “WHAT HAPPENED?” they all asked I couldn’t even find a breath to tell them, That niall was gone.. he was gone Forever.


*4 years later *


“Good morning handsome. You know what today is right? Today’s the day I married you” tears rolled down my face, and my body grew weak as I placed his guitar by his grave. “I wish I never lost you in that car accident,I miss you so much, I cant help but to blame myself, You would’ve been the best dad. I know it! I wish you could meet her she’s beautiful, and we talk about you all the time” I knelt down and wiped the tears out of my eyes, as I traced my fingers over the words “Best Daddy ever, Always and forever” engraved on his tomb stone. My body trembled. “Mommy can daddy hear you?” our little girl asked “Of course” I said, holding her tight and trying to hold back the tears “Can I say something mommy?” her eyes were just as blue as his “Sure sweetie, go ahead” “Daddy, I love you and I cant wait to see you in my sleep tonight.”